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Quality always prevails: In line with this motto
i3 Consult helps to increase success, efficiency
and effectivity within IT projects.

Our best-practice-approaches for project,
nearshore, offshore, test and quality
management generate tangible benefits
within development processes and product
lifecycles in the IT and software related fields.

Thus we received the TOP 100 Award for that

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Quality Assurance

The quality assurance (QA) represents one
of the central components in the project
business to measure project sucess and initate
corrective actions based on its data basis.

i3 Consult offers a lot of service solutions,
which can be quickly implemented
at customer side.

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High-performance test framework

For manual, but especially for automated tests, we use
a testing framework based on advanced and proven

This framework supports the MBT
approach and allows an easy entry
into the world of test automation.

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Code Quality Management (CQM)

Would not it be better - instead of
finding and solving defects - to design
development processes and environments,
which support the avoidance of defect

Our CQM solution MAGIC5 exactly
delivers this kind of development

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Ready to Audit?

For enterprises, a certification of their QM
systems and business processes has to be
regarded as a key requirement to
achieve business success.

For example, many groups assume
an ISO EN 9001 certification
as entry criteria for the supplier
audit to initiate the pre-
ferred supplier program.

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Full service in quality assurance

Our test lab solutions test competency center and test
factory offer our customers maximum flexibility and
professionalism. Furthermore, our test laboratories
are optimized and equipped with the
necessary test tools to proceed
the requested testing tasks.

The i3 consult test team carries
out the test projects in time
and in budget at international
accepted quality level.

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News and specialist articles

i3 Consult releases a lot of professional articles and interviews,
which document the superior know-how and competence in the
quality management, quality assurance and nearshore
as well as offshore services
related fields.

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